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  1. Just listened to President Eyring’s Conference talk on the Holy Ghost. I’m still having a difficult time wrapping my head around how your panelists justify their stances with the “Follow the Prophet” mentality of the general Church and leaders. It is liberating to consider that “Being Wrong” is an option but how does one assimilate this major construct change into core teachings of the Church?

    1. As far as I am concerned, if what my conscience/holy ghost tells me aligns with the GAs great but if not I will follow my conscience. My relationship to God/Christ/Holy Ghost precedes my relationship to the Brethren.

      1. Julienna: Exactly! Well said. I did a search on the lds.org web site for the phrase “follow the spirit”. Interestingly, that phrase comes up orders of magnitude more often in General Conference talks, etc. than does the phrase “follow the prophet”. It is important TO follow the prophet, but the only way we CAN follow the prophet successfully is to receive a witness of the truth by the SAME Holy Spirit that witnesses truth to the prophet.

    2. I think it was Anna (?) that said something around the 45 min mark in episode 300 that made me stop in my tracks because it was that powerful. I had to go back and write it down because she hit the nail on the head in the most important way (for me anyway). She said (regarding leader fallibility):

      “So how do you deal with leadership who, it’s really tricky for them to deal with fallibility because they’re supposed to be speaking for God.  So part of it for me is, I can be compassionate and stuff, but I’m also going to be really careful about who I allow to have power in my own mind and heart, especially those people who are telling me to NOT trust my mind and heart if I get an answer that disagrees with them.”

      “Especially those people people who are telling me to NOT trust my mind and heart if I get an answer that disagrees with them” is the part that made stop in my tracks. So so so so true. And such a perfect description of what I feel like my own experience has been for the last few months that I’ve moved further away from Mormon belief. Whether it be a family member, a friend, a church leader, etc, there is a powerful message coming at me that I shouldn’t trust my own mind and heart or what I believe have been as equally powerful manifestations from God as any I would have labeled as such in my Mormon believing paradigm that I’m on the right path. So go figure. That’s why I LOVED this quote from the conversation. It said so much of what I am experiencing myself, and of a way to handle it all that really resonated with me.

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