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  2. Terryl Givens does it again. I am always impressed by his ability to take a giant amount of data and ideas and distill it to compelling points and fascinating patterns.

    Impressed as always.

    Thanks for uploading this.

  3. Joseph Smith must be placed in a context apart from the history claimed him, defined him, and boxed him into a theological and dogmatic contexts over the subsequent century. He is a uniquely important figure in early American religious culture. Twenty years after I first wrote about this subject, I still feel Joseph saw his tradition as something akin to the Hermetic tradition, with roots in a Gnostic, experiential, religious past — a past prior to all orthodoxy. Take a look at this old paper, I think it is increasingly relevant to discussions, such as Givens introduces:

    Joseph Smith and Kabbalah: The Occult Connection

  4. Good afternoon,

    I first listened this podcast through the “A Thoughtful Faith” podcast. As I listened I was quite surprised to discover that Givens severs Mormonism from Christianity and the “other church” referred to. However, unintended the conclusion, it is the correct one to make.

    There will be many who will view this comment as malicious and opportunistic, but when I say it is the right conclusion, it is the strongest conclusion and the most positive one that can be made. It offers an opportunity for Mormonism to embrace itself in its fullness

    Givens does not communicate his material in a way that allows me to conclude that he has a complete handle on the source material he draws from. He makes factual mistakes, false connections, and from those, erroneous conclusions. There will be few listeners with a background in theology and the early patristic period to appreciate the comment I have made, however I make it anyway by way of caution to the listener.

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