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  1. Interesting. I found this podcast exactly at the time when I was considering pursuing an online theology Master’s. This podcast answered some of my questions. I decided to go ahead and do it, so now I’ll just be looking for the right program. I already have another degree and a good job, so anything but an online format won’t work for me. I can’t seem to find any online programs that offer a Mormon Studies emphasis, so I suppose I’ll be looking for a more nondenominational program where I might be able to being in a Mormon perspective. Thank you for this podcast!

  2. Dan,

    Great episode! Really enjoyed hearing about where Mormon Studies is at, where it might be headed, and how it may be defined. I had a couple classes from Dr. Birch at UVU (UVSC back then) and it was great to hear him on the Podcast. Thanks for putting this together!

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