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  1. Having been raised LDS, I have always been troubled that the Garden event has been cast almost singularly as the point that Jesus suffered for “each one of everybody’s sins.” This seems to be supported by teachings from LDS leaders who promote a undefinable concept something to the effect that “I do not know how or I cannot explain how this could be, but it happened.” I struggle with believing that every sin was either instantaneously seen or comprehended or it would have to been hours to view or account for each sin individually. For me, I appreciate the possibility that the atonement can be constructed as a series of events that culminate into a collaborative whole purpose. To be born into this world, live sinless, endure accusation, stress, anguish, pain, and have to experience a death and all the while still have hope could account for how Jesus can succor us and take upon himself our iniquities and infirmities. I sense that Jesus gave up something or privilege from the pre-mortal world and joined with us and “descended below them all” that allows him to become the mediator for us. This Passion Week was indeed part of a greater whole.

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