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  3. Such a great discussion. Perspective is everything. We all need to broaden our perspectives and temper what we “know” in order to really be able to bear one another’s burdens

  4. Loved the podcast! Primarily because as a practicing marriage and family therapist I felt such a connection to the relational and developmental ideas shared by these three women who are clearly experts in this rich and soul stretching field. I know Katie has not yet started her grad program, but it is obvious you know what you’re talking about and that you are going into the right field. I absolutely loved the the garden of Eden metaphor that we must not only step out of our comfort zone to gain knowledge but that we also must inevitably experience pain in order to grow. Meshing that with your Max Lucado story Dan about our identity and security as children of God creates what for me is a powerful way to view mortality, sin (which I define as disharmony in our relationships) and redemption. The trauma we all experience as a result of mortality creates the very conditions of needs, pain and insecurity that a) make growth toward a Godlike love possible, and b) make sin (us hurting other individuals either intentionally or not) inevitable. Hence the need for a Redeemer with perfect empathy for both the victim and the offender (as so well described by Alma, Enoch, and in works like the Peacegiver). As a convert to the church my personal faith transitions and differentiation from my family of origin naturally is going to look different than much of what you described, but my personal testimony lies in my very real and personal struggles in relationships, and the way I feel my relationship with the God who weeps has transformed those relationships not only through his perfect empathy, but through the personal security as so well illustrated by Dan’s Max Lucado story, in that by becoming free of the worry of how I’m being perceived by others I have simultaneously become free to fully recognize and focus on the needs of others. Of course as I describe this transformation I must make it clear that it is ongoing and far from complete. Thanks again for your stimulating discussion.

  5. The symposium sounds fascinating! Will the audio be posted on Sunstone site as with previous symposia? Here’s one vote for sharing in this time of so many struggling with whether/how to stay or leave.

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  7. Which audios from the symposium are being referred to? I’m trying to find them, but there are SO many to sort through!

    Help please! Thanks 😉

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