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  1. One thing I was surprised you guys didn’t bring up – I thought the way Ann Romney was portrayed in the documentary was SO MORMON. The way she stood kind of off to the side, quietly supporting her husband. She rarely said it was difficult – most of the clips where she’s actually speaking talk about how she has peace with everything. It seemed to be so representative of the silent, supportive wife that is so prevalent in Mormonism, particularly among Mormon leadership! How many times have we heard GAs proudly proclaim that their wives stood by them, always supportive, and never once complained?

    1. I wondered why Ann wasn’t talked about as well. Dan, after you prompted the speakers several times to talk about Mormon “tells” in the film, I wonder why no one brought up the fact that Ann very frequently does not wear garments. I was given the Romney cookbook for Christmas and was stunned that in the 40 years of photographs therein, most showed her very obviously without garments. Several of the son’s wives were also obviously not wearing’ g’s. Only some of Ann’s outfits could possibly have covered garments, but in those there were no smile lines or Rocky Mountain Ridges. (Were they retouched? Mitts g’s weren’t.) Also, many bloggers and news reporters pointed out that during the debates, she was not wearing garments. (Google it!)

      What Ann Romney decides to wear is between her and the Lord, but I think that the image of the “silent, supportive wife that is so prevalent in Mormonism, particularly among Mormon leadership!” is just a big lie. I’m really sorry, but you can’t compare Ann Romney to the wives and mothers of Prophets if she isn’t a temple goer. And, if she never/rarely wears garments why was Mitt a Stake President? If she never/rarely wears garments, why are they depicted in this movie as the typical Mormon family? Does Ann put on a smile and pretend, yet harbor cognitive dissonance toward Mormonism? (She’s more liberal in her views about abortion, so perhaps she has more liberal ideas about Mormonism as well?) Wouldn’t it have been interesting if somebody had asked this woman some pointed questions instead of just letting her take the mic and play Molly Mormon, smiling and talking about family? Smoke screen anyone?

      Isn’t it interesting that Mormons aren’t noticing this “tell”?

      Dan, I love your podcasts (have listened to every one), but we need to find you a few more extremely sharp female theologians and Mormon experts to join your podcasts. (Don’t get me wrong, your conversations and guests are phenomenal!) It’s just that sometimes a woman’s perspective can complete the story!

      1. Some women like myself have medical reasons why they cannot wear garments regularly- yeast infections, anxiety, skin issues, etc. You can still get a temple recommend if you are at peace with God on the issue and have understanding priesthood leaders. I don’t think this “tell” is necessarily that telling without Anne’s say.

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