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  1. Loved the series on Nibley. His social and cultural commentary had a big impact on me when I was at BYU in the 80s. And I remember the Wendell Berry visit. I can see how those two would hit it off.

  2. Great series–thanks to Dan & Boyd & all involved. On ‘Faith of an Observer,’ Dan knows I’m working on a book on Mormon film for which I’ve seen an insane number of movies related to Mormonism–I estimate it’s almost to 1,200 now. And of those I rank ‘Faith of an Observer’ in the top three, with Gregg Whiteley’s ‘New York Doll’ and T.C. Christensen’s short ‘Joseph Smith, the Man.’ I decided that before realizing they’re all the same film, especially the two documentaries, about some person’s journey through mortality to a higher unseen celestial sphere (hence the title–Hugh’s an observer or pilgrim passing through the spiritualized realms of mortality, just like Arthur Kane in NY Doll). Near the end there’s a moment when the veil is pierced and they’re admitted into the presence of the Lord. In ‘Faith’ it’s the exploration of the Egyptian temple and telling of that story about Abraham receiving the promise of the covenant; in ‘Doll’ it’s the final concert and Arthur’s literal ascension to heaven. Both films give viewers a glimpse into that reality only their protagonists–both Holy Fools–can see.

  3. In #188 at about 47 minutes in I found the best nuggets from the podcasts: a few minutes of the most inspiring and uplifting reminders from Hugh’s commentary about our purpose on earth. It is to be an artist and creator in cooperation with all the goodness and abundance surrounding us and in cooperation with each other. Its the type of reminder I would love to hear from General Conference: the world is FABOULOUS. Let’s enjoy every minute of it. I will look up and find more of these reminders from Bro Nibley.

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