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  1. I have heard that Hugh Nibley believed in the Adam-God Doctrine as taught by Brigham Young and other early leaders. In fact, I faintly remember listening to one Mormon Expression episode when AG Doctrine came up briefly, and someone inferred Hugh Nibley believed it.

    Is this a rumor? Is it inferred from his writings/speeches? Did he share this personal secret with anyone? I also remember Dan’s Daniel C. Peterson interview on Mormon Stories where he said Hugh kept his opinions about AG Doctrine a secret (part 3, 32:00).

    1. We address questions like this and reincarnation in Part II, which should be ready for release on Monday. I also interviewed Boyd Petersen for A Thoughtful Faith podcast, and we talked about these rumors of Hugh’s unorthodoxy there. After listening to either or both of these, I’m sure Boyd would be happy to engage you further with any other questions about this sort of thing.

      1. Interesting. Thank you. Listened to the A Thoughtful Faith episode. Again, another person says Hugh would not say whether he believed in Adam-God or not. Very interesting. Makes me think he did. He was a big Brigham fan.

        1. Boyd talks of it again near the end of Episode 187 (released today). From the gist, though again careful to say he’s never heard it from Hugh directly, he suspects as you do regarding Hugh’s belief in A-G doctrine.

  2. People like Hugh Nibley are very unique individuals. You can tell he was someone who was extremely intelligent, but because of his loyalty to the LDS belief he would also try to discredit the obvious or give credit to the fallacious which made him appear foolish at times. Do you think that if people like he or Dan Peterson had been born into Scientology they would have been just as passionate in supporting that belief? While it should not be the case, this totally discredited his more credible work for all but the LDS faithful. Had he not been so tied to the illogical he could very well have been the Stephen Hawking of his day.

    1. Hugh was baptized in Jackson Hot Springs between Medford and Ashland. He said it was like a visit to Hades to be baptized on that rainy, cold day I’m March 1918.

      1. Very good. That place is now full of hippies. One more question. On what street in Medford did he live? Do we know? I have everyone here in Medford all excited that Hugh lived and was baptized here.

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