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  1. Will you submit your podcast feeds to Sticher? This has become my default way of listening to podcasts on my android phone. I know they will take/consider user submissions, but I think it would be better coming straight from you. I think they prefer that too.

  2. Part 2 will upload into iTunes, but for some reason Part 1 will not upload (it’s visible for upload, but will not upload).

      1. Jordan and Nonny. Still having issues? We worked hard on a solution and think we found one. Here is note I sent out last week via FB. Would love you to report after following instructions. Thanks!

        Hi Mormon Matters Listeners. Many of you apparently have had trouble downloading recent episodes via iTunes (getting 8006 error or delays in it working). We’ve been investigating and think it’s fixed now (seems like a bug worked its way into the code in either late Dec or early Jan), so now I’ve re-done all the processing of the previous 9 episodes (numbers 146 to 154) and re-pushed them to iTunes.

        So if you’ve been having trouble with iTunes as your access to the episodes, please unsubscribe to the podcast and then go to the iTunes store (a link from the MM website can take you there, too) and re-subscribe to Mormon Matters podcast. When you do, those nine should load (all will show today’s date as the date published rather than their original ones, but they should all still show up in numerical order). And hopefully all our code from here forward will be scrubbed of whatever it was that led to these weird errors.

        Sorry for the hassles you’ve been having! Much thanks to those who wrote and described their issues. That really helped us narrow down what likely was wrong. And anyone who tries this, please write me if your downloading troubles continue. Thanks!

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  4. I loved this podcast! Isn’t it amazing how it all fit together so well? I love it when I get so excited by an idea that I have to pause the podcast and go look up people or books mentioned–and sometimes even order books right then and there! This time I had to order a collection of David Steindl-Rast’s writings. When the subject of reading came up, I was encouraged by the thought that my voracious reading habit can be thought of as a type of spiritual practice. Thinking about the books I’ve read, I can see how they have broadened my inner world and transformed how I think and behave, bit by bit. They have made me more open to the good out there in the world, as well as deepened my sadness at the injustice and pain. I just wish I could clone myself so that one of me could be reading all the time while the other me does all the other things I need or want to do.

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