Our Soldiers Need FAR MORE Than Tribute

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This post is from S.Faux:

On this upcoming Memorial Day it will be easy to post flags outside our homes and then just enjoy the BBQ. But there are very helpful things we can do, ranging from just a little effort to a lot.

The web page on “Citizen Support” by the Community Relations section of the U.S. Department of Defense lists a variety of strong suggestions, such as donations or volunteer work at homes for disabled vets, gift certificates, care packages, and many other possibilities.

One easy step to take would be to log onto the web pages of “Beyond Tribute”a not-for-profit organization with the mission of helping businesses turn a percentage of their Memorial Day profits toward wounded veteran’s and their families. In a recent article entitled Tribute is Not Enough”, former General Wesley Clark endorsed the organization.

I urge readers to click the red “sign the pledge” on the “Beyond Tribute ” page in order to urge businesses to begin participation.

For more tribute to our soldiers, I suggest visiting Mormon Insights.


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  1. I know Memorial Day is supposed to be for remembering soldiers. I was just wondering if others feel it is appropriate/inappropriate to remember all, regardless of military status?

  2. MH:

    As Latter-day Saints we know as well as anybody the essential importance of ALL the dead. Such a teaching is central to temple theology.

    However, I place a special importance on the military, because they are central to the preservation of all the freedoms we enjoy — particularly our beloved religion.

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