Open ‘Nacle Invitation: What were your favorite moments/quotes from General Conference?

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An open ‘nacle invitation: What were your favorite moments/quotes from General Conference?

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  1. There were a lot for me, but an interesting one was actually the commercial bit on the new Henry Eyring bio.

    I loved the emphasis on tolerance/love of other faiths as well.

  2. I usually find myself wrestling with my cynicism when it comes to Pres. Monson, but that last closing talk pierced me for some reason, and I even cried a little. I don’t remember what he said, and I don’t think I was actually watching him on TV, rather sitting askew from the screen with my usual laptop, reading materials, etc. But whatever spiritual vibe was going out from him, I picked up my share and felt spiritual warmth that made me consciously think, “OK, he’s the prophet.”

  3. Just about Elder Wirthlin’s entire talk. The reference to the symphony, especially – and the list of reasons why many people struggle to feel accepted. He is becoming my favorite apostle, frankly.

    Elder Christofferson’s story of the man who wanted to prove him wrong – being grateful for his concern. That perspective really hit me, especially since it has such direct application to blogging.

    Elder Holland’s doctrinal discourse. It was brilliant.

    Elder Scott just exuded love and concern.

    There were so many this conference, but . . .

    Pres. Monson’s final talk was indescribable. Simply indescribable. Chris nailed it; he simply spoke as the Prophet.

  4. I haven’t watched all of it yet. With small children watching it all live is just too much. But I’ve probably watched over half of it and my favorite so far is Elder Oaks talk. This talk, as well as a few from last conference, focus on how our testimonies should be based on personal witnesses, not science or the testimonies of others. One of the memorable things he said was that obeying the prophet after having received a personal witness that he is the prophet is not blind faith, as others often accuse us of having. (His wording was different and his delivery powerful). This is a topic I’ve been pondering a lot lately–the relationship between faith and spiritual knowledge.

  5. The Salt Lake Tribune quotes the following from Monson: “The world in which we live is filled with diversity. We can and should demonstrate respect toward those whose beliefs differ from ours.” This is a wonderful statement, and I hope he sincerely means it. I hope that under his stewardship, the LDS church really does demonstrate that respect, particularly by discontinuing their political efforts to limit the legal rights of those who believe differently than they do.

  6. President Monson’s final talk. I wipe away a couple of tears during that as he described his meeting his inlaws for the first time and when he talked about his wife. I could see that love he had for her.

    But over all the look of President Monson was just so different, it just felt to me like he really claimed the mantle and it hung heavy on him as it does for all called to that position.

    I think I would have liked holland’s talk but our computer died during it. And I really loved Uchtdorf’s talk about his family and the faith of our fathers. It was nice to have a perspective of some one who like me is not from Pioneer heritage.

  7. I wanted to second the thoughts on President Monson’s closing talk. It was, in some ways, vintage Monson, but it was different. I remarked to my wife that it felt somewhat different. I wish to believe that it if I am somewhat in tune with the Spirit, I can tell that he is now speaking as our Prophet, with a capital P.

    I also realized how much I like and admire President Uchtdorf. He will be an excellent Counselor in the FP and we will get to hear from him more.

    I also want to echo the comment that Nick Made. I was impressed by that statement about diversity as well as the more inclusive nature of this conference with the inclusion of the RS and the YW in the Solemn Assembly and the YW Presidency news conference.

    On another note, I am constantly amazed at how nepotistic the Church is.

  8. Interesting news on this front. According to this morning’s Deseret News (,5143,695268144,00.html ), two church officials have been assigned by Monson to meet with Affirmation (a group of gay LDS and former LDS), per the latter’s invitation. Affirmation has made such requests several times, but this is the first time LDS leaders have been willing to open a diaglogue. The meeting is scheduled to take place in August.

  9. Elder Ballard’s talk was great and made me wonder if he has listened to some of the hurt reactions of women (ahem, his wife, daughters, granddaughters) to Sister Beck’s talk.

    Elder Wirthlin’s talk was nice.

    As was Elder Holland’s. When was the last time we had a two-part conference talk? I bet he expected Romney to still be in the race by now and to have to fend off criticism from other Christians about our beliefs. But it was nice to hear some acceptance of biblical scholarship (did anyone else catch his apparent reference to the Q, or Quelle, source of the New Testament when he said “a record of the accumulated sayings of Jesus?”).

    Most of all, I loved President Monson’s talk when he referenced his Swedish and Scottish heritage, a mix with which I am very familiar, and his self-deprecation. Wow, he pays his income taxes quarterly? I love this guy! And I had no idea his wife had been that ill.

  10. I loved Presiding Bishop David Burton’s presentation on the amazing work done by the Church’s Humanitarian Service in 2007. Like many people, I’ve taken advantage of donating to the humanitarian fund ever since it showed up on the tithing slip. The way it is being administered by the Church filled me with great respect and represents an important aspect of “true religion” (James 1:27).

  11. I thought the deadpan humor was especially good this time. These guys have great timing and delivery. They actually know when they are trying to make a joke! Not like some politicians I can think of.

  12. My favorites were Elder Wirthlin and Elder Scott. Though Elder Scott’s talk wasn’t directed toward me or any of my loved ones (so far as I know), his preaching on the atonement and its applicability to any sort of pain or wrongdoing we’ve received was absolutely amazing.

  13. Elder Holland’s unscripted expression of gratitude for the privilege of witnessing the prophetic mantle fall on Pres. Monson. Powerful, and true. Then, his highly persuasive exposition of the origin of scripture and the open canon. Finally, Pres. Ucchtdorf’s “Faith of our Fathers” talk which was personal, inclusive and instructive.

  14. I keep reading posts referring to a talk by Sister Beck that somehow upset them. What talk???

    Agree on the final talk by Pres Monson. Unreal great. I had not connected with him at all in the past 2 months. I don’t really like his style of talking but that talk roped me in all the way.

    One interesting thing to ask:::: Does anyone know the timing of his wife’s illness in relationship to Pres Hinckley passing away. I worry that both those things were high on his mind in the Feb March timeframe. Anyone know the details?


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