New Year’s Resolutions I Might Actually Try to Keep

Jeff SpectorMormon 4 Comments

First of all, Happy New Year to all our bloggers and participants here at Mormon Matters.  I hope that 2009 brings peace and greater insight to your life. We are in the midst of some trying times, but as the Children of our Heavenly Father, we have no reason to fear, if we are prepared.

So, let’s get real here.  Very few of us really keep the New Year’s resolutions that we make. But, I wanted to set a few goals for myself next year and keep them DOABLE!

So here goes.

  1. Study the scriptures more, WITH REAL INTENT
  2. Eat less, exercise more, WITH REAL INTENT
  3. Be kinder, WITH REAL INTENT

I added that familiar line from Moroni just because I wanted to stress to myself that I have to wanna do it.  Unless I have that real intent, it is just the usual resolution made to be broken.

Here are some others that are important which I will work on, but didn’t make the top 3 cut line:

  1. More dates with my wife!
  2. Pray more
  3. Be neater
  4. Write my personal history
  5. Write the stuff that has been on the back burner for more than 5 years now
  6. Attend the temple more
  7. 100% Home Teaching

I know there are already a bunch of resolution articles out there. But, one more won’t hurt, will it?

Here’s to peace and understanding in 2009.

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  1. One more won’t hurt. I never seem to be very good at new year’s resolutions, as most of my goals revolve around the semester system… however, exercise is one of my goals, and for real intent I just ordered a new ipod shuffle to replace to broken one. I just can’t exercise with any intent without music.

  2. Good luck. For myself, I find it more convenient to think back on the year I have just finished, consider the ways in which I have improved (if, indeed, I have––questionable), and write those into my journal, pre-dated, in spaces I have left intentionally blank for the purpose. I think of them as my “Old Year’s Resolutions,” and while they may not be as personally satisfying, the benefit for my descendants will be about the same as more traditional goal-setting, I imagine.

  3. I agree with Latter Day Guy. I usually make my resolutions on Sunday as that is my normal time of personal reflection. New Years Day is busy updating the journal on what happened the past year.

  4. Ummm… I do hope you realize I wasn’t being serious. (It’s rather like the way we would sometimes fill out our missionary planners after the fact, if we knew they would be inspected.) Yeah, I don’t even keep a journal.

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