Mormon Superheroes

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Dr. Deseret is the sovereign State of Deseret’s official superhero and defender. She takes performance-enhancing drugs to ensure her fighting prowess. She is part of Captain Confederacy, an alternate history comic series where the South maintains its independence, the Mormons and Indians break away and form their own states, etc.







And who can forget Canada’s answer to Captain America? Captain Canuck, Latter-day Saint:



Death is a DC character who takes people at their appointed time to the next life: “The physical appearance of Death’s Earthly manifestation is based directly on a real-life Mormon that artist Mike Dringenberg knew in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is no indication within the text of the Sandman comics that Neil Gaiman thinks of Death herself as being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”


There is also a Marvel supervillain named “Peeper”, from Cedar City, Utah, who has amazing telescopic vision. Hmmm.

And last but not least, hats off to Mormon superhero John Dehlin, able to create top 5 Bloggernacle sites in a single bound!


For a fun listing of LDS-related superbeings (minus John Dehlin), click here.

I will be very surprised if I receive any comments at all. Enjoy, fellow super-Mormons!

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    You are fast on the draw. There are too many LDS superheroes for me to mention, I’ll just name a few I omitted here: the Fertile Four, the Excommunicator (he’s a supervillain), and General Authority of FARMS (Foundation for Aggressively Reducing Mutant Species).

  2. lol….so funny. I kept thinking of the “Marshmallow Jello” man….accidentally created by a Mormon Relief Society President in a town where a nuclear reactor had leaked. lol

    This is fun. Thanks for the post John.

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    As much as I would love any of the traditional superpowers, and as much as I would love taking Church-approved performance-enhancing drugs, I think my favorite superpower would be telepathy, as long as I could regulate it appropriately.

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    As I have now been gifted with telepathy, I know what you’re all thinking, so there is no more need for commentary on this post. Your planned comments are best left to fester unloved and unaired in the privacy of your cerebral cortices.

  5. I’ve always been more of a telekenetics man myself. I think I know well enough what people are thinking and I don’t want to know any better than I do. But I do want to gesture with my hands and move objects at my will. So I guess I’m Magneto to your Dr. X.

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  7. I am currently working on two new superheroes one from rhode Island and one an assistant professor at BYU in mesoamerican archeology. While on a dig in belize he picks up a sword, bracelet and breastplate in some cave ruins. They give him the power to heal and exentuate his priesthood powers and make him able to see into thehearts of others and gleen their true intentions. Any Ideas on what other powers to give him would be great and also a first experience when he returns to the “Y”.

  8. um… sorry to be the downer but dont we Mormons look crazy enough without making up priesthood wielding superheroes?

  9. I’m stumbling upon this several years after it was originally posted. Among other things, I’m wondering why this seems to be such an oxymoron. Are there any serious thoughts out there as to why this concept seems so unusual, and what conflicts may arise as a result of such an occurrence?

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