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  1. I love the Book of Mormon for lots of reasons, but my favorite is the NT. Even the BofM says its primary purpose is to teach Christ and help people accept the Bible.

  2. As far as enjoyment per page, I’d have to go with the Pearl of Great Price. But because it is short, if I could only choose one to take with me on a deserted island it would probably be the NT or BOM. That would be a tough call.

  3. Hawkgrrrl:

    I’ll trade you my book of Psalms for your book of Revelation? I’ll even throw in Proverbs as a bonus.

  4. Cowboy: giddyap! That’s a trade I will make, particularly if you throw in Song of Solomon, the soft porn of the Bible. 😉 Of course, you had me at Proverbs.

    Yeah, we actually have quite a few superheroes in these parts. Something about fighting for justice in a costume. Some days it’s about the justice. Other days it’s about the costume and cool gadgets.

  5. I used to hate the Old Testament. But after 2 stints as Gospel Doctrine teacher, I’ve come to love it. (Funny thing is I’ve never taught BoM.)

  6. For me it’s the Book of Mormon. It has a spirit to it that no other book of scripture has. Following are 5 reasons it stands out from other books of scripture.

    1. It contains the word of the Lord for Lamanites, Gentiles, and Jews who are on the earth just prior to the 2nd coming. It’s a book scripture for our day.

    2. Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It teaches the doctrine of Christ in clarity and a man or woman can get nearer to the Lord through its teachings than any other book of scripture.

    3. It testifies to the Seership of the prophet Joseph Smith.

    4. It testifies and warns America of the presence of secret combinations.

    5. It testifies how a people once favored by the Lord brought on themselves total destruction when they denied the Lord and killed His followers.

    6. It provides teachings from prophets who spoke face to face with the resurrected Christ.

  7. This is such a hard question for me. There are so many things about each book that inspire me. I grew up with, and loved, the NT. Recent study has given me a much more profound appreciation of the OT when I read the talks by Skousen along with it. It saddens me that plain and precious things were taken from these volumes. I read the BoM and spirit stays with me and uplifts me when I read passages such as 2 Nephi 4:28-35. The clarification the PoGP brings to the creation story and shows me Heavenly Father’s love spread out through his plan of salvation. But if I had to choose one above others I might still return to my childhood love of the NT and the words and teachings of Jesus Christ as He and his apostles shares the gospel with those around them. His life and love humble me to tears when I sit and ponder them.

  8. Hawk, have you read the book on Revelation by Michael Wilcox? It took me from pretty much thinking it was useless, to applying it to what kind of ingredients my wife uses to make bread… okay not really, but it’s a great book. 🙂

  9. When I need a spiritual boost I almost always go to the Book of Mormon. But when I’m feeling really down the Doctrine & Covenants has some fantastic passages for that.

    I voted BoM.

  10. I’m kinda the lazy reader. OT just seems to require so much cultural background to even get what is being said.

    NT has some of the most powerful, but seems to be very intermittent with verses not making any sense surrounding some incredibly powerful stuff. Better studied in topics, IMO.

    I voted BoM. Easy to read through and good clear messages of Christ’s doctrine.

    Talmadge Jesus the Christ would be my second … I really am attached to that.

  11. In my life the most powerful connections I’ve had with scripture were NT and Psalms verses. When I read the NT, I feel my faith in Christ strengthened. When I read BOM, not so much. I’m willing to chalk that up to overexposure for now. I’m reading the OT now, and it is fascinating (I agree with KG McB that the OT requires external contextualization to understand it better–I read the HarperCollins Study Bible (NRSV), my favorite translation).

    Jared brought up some good points as to why the BOM is significant, but those all seem cerebral to me. Those concepts don’t make my reading any more edifying. To each his or her own, though.

  12. # 10 Ray

    Thanks for the chuckle I was just re-reading the Malay episode this morning Personally I am saving the entire idea/controversy until High Priests Group when I need to wake people up !

    As for my favourite book put me down for N.T.

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