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The chance to do an interview like this doesn’t happen too often. David Murphy is a kind, energetic young man who does promotions for Simeon “Young Sim” Lawrence‘s clean record label, Feel Good Music in Salt Lake City. On Friday, a 45-year-old man named Jeffrey Boyd Ackerman was shot and killed in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and a suspect with a weapon ran from the crime scene, pursued hotly by the police. David was working and witnessed the pursuit, in front of the business where he worked. What did he do? He ran out of his business and tackled the suspect, holding him down until the police could apprehend him. After I heard this amazing story from Sim, I just had to interview David about his experience.

So, first tell us how you’re involved with Feel Good Music.
A: Growing up in Philly I learned to love music, all kinds. The one thing that is missing in today’s music genres is clean messages. Music that depicts life and real problems/emotions stands out. It moves you. I grew up with Young Sim and his vision for Feel Good Music inspired me.

Have you gotten calls for any other interviews yet?
A: I interviewed with Fox News (Channel 13) right after the incident but nothing else.

Explain what happened for the readers back home.
A: I was in American Fork and heard a shout. I looked up and a police officer was chasing a guy across the street into my parking lot towards me. I ran and headed him off, grabbed him and locked his arms behind him. After putting him on the ground I held him there till the police officer caught up and put the cuffs on him. 25 seconds later police cars from every direction crashed the scene with mean weapons and armor and things. I didn’t even know that there had been a man-hunt underway until later.

So this guy was armed and dangerous, and the cops were chasing him for miles, and you just stepped in and held him down?
A: That’s pretty much it. I had no idea that he was a fugitive. Just [that], if the cop was chasing him, he probably had a reason.

Have lots of people been congratulating you? Is it weird?
A: Yea, its been strange, humbling. I don’t think that I did something that anyone else wouldn’t do if they had been placed in the same situation. In the moment is was just the logical thing to do. In retrospect it was meaningful but I still don’t deserve praise.

My friend wanted me to ask you if you had eaten your Wheaties that morning.
A: Ha. No, I think I went without breakfast. Wish I had!

What is your future with Feel Good Music?
A: I believe Feel Good Music is going to revolutionize the face of music. It has a fresh vision and pure motivation behind it. That is something that I think people can connect with, really feel. Powerful lyrics with hot beats, it’s fun. As far as my future with Feel Good Music, I hope to be a part of it as it goes forward. Right now I am acting as the Promotor looking for venues to exhibit the music. That’s what it’s all about anyway. Call me!

I told Simeon that this isn’t just Feel Good, it’s DO Good. How has your faith influenced this and the other decisions in your life to do good?
A: That is so true. Yea Sim! God has given us all our abilities and he grants us the time we have. If we don’t use those abilities for good it is a waste. What we do with that time is our decision and it only makes sense that we take every opportunity. If we only live for ourselves we will live a very shallow and cold existence. My faith definitely pushes me to be be accountable for what I do with my time and how I help those around me. Talking does nothing, it’s about action. We all have to look out for each other cause if not us, then who?

Thanks for your work with Sim and your service to your community!
A: Hey, thanks a lot.

Reprinted with permission (from myself) from Linescratchers

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