Have you ever received a Christmas card from the First Presidency?

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This year I received a Christmas card from the First Presidency.  I have heard that Church employees get one, but it has not been my experience so far.  Nor did it occur to me that I would get one.  I received it with a DVD for the youth of our ward.  I cannot tell whether it was to accompany the DVD or whether Bishops get Christmas cards every year (this is my first Christmas as a Bishop).

XMAS Card 1st Pres inside


XMAS Card 1st Pres inside1


I don’t really do Christmas cards so it was not really a big deal, except it made me wonder, who else gets Christmas cards from the First Presidency?  Did I get this because of my calling, and if so what other callings get Christmas cards?

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  1. dont know who gets these, but the artwork is fascinating.. a very different image than you normally see for the nativity. I like it. Very interesting that Mary, from what I can tell) seems to look a lot older and have short hair?? Have not seen her presented that way. Anyway it is a great card

  2. Awesome! I received one as a full-time missionary (it was especially nice to get in the regular mail, sent to our apartment, not even just in a stack handed out at the mission home). I don’t know who else might receive them, but I think it’s a nice gesture.

    Happy bishoping.

  3. Rach – wow, I didn’t even get a Christmas card from my family as a missionary! ‘course that was back in the day before the internet was even a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye.

  4. #3 – No books for me. Ah well.

    #4 – As a missionary, you must have been extra special. thanks, lots of tithing stuff.

    #6 – Thanks Jeff, I thought you might be behind it.

    I wonder whether the cards get nicer, or you get other presents when you move up the hierarchy.

  5. It might happen already but, I would love to hear of Widows, long term single sisters, single mothers etc receiving cards.
    I wonder if Bishops can put forward suggestions?

  6. Not that I am aware of. Actually I was kinda thinking the other night that I can think of some people who would love to get a card. I was not that bothered. I have to be honest, I don’t get why some leaders get and others don’t. My RS president puts in the hours as well.

  7. I’m a BYU professor and I get one. All BYU professors and staff get them along with a gift. Typically the gift is a leather bound edition of some book, like the Bible, a triple combination, hymn book, etc. It was very surprising for me the first time.

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