Greetings from Stevo/Steve/Stephen from the UK….

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Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to say hi and give you a quick introduction to myself. I saw the video here and I just had to put it up. I love JT and I know John likes the Dixie Chicks (being from Texas and all….I am sure they aren’t embarrassed he is from their state…what with him being such a stud and dating Rene Zellweger at school and all).

  • I am from the UK.
  • I am a med student (first year.)
  • I am married with a kid on the way. 
  • I am an RM from Cape Town, South Africa
  • I just recently broke my spine playing rugby…I hope to get back but my wife isnt too happy with that
  • I write for The Mormon Worker and have Libertarian Socialist/anarchosyndicalist leanings in my politcal philosophies (which are quite important to me)
  • I enjoy the church and love going through the temple with my wife…However, I am quite agnostic about the historicity of the BoM and enjoy focusing on the principles as I feel there is truth to be had in the BoM. I suffered a crisis of faith a few years ago but John and my family really helped me through it to where I do not think about leaving the church every spare moment I am not thinking about medical or anarchist related topics (or my wife of course…..gotta say that just in case she is reading this).

Anyways……Whenever I listen to this song it always brings me to the Spirit of what I feel Mormonism is all about…Eternal Marriage, Families, and learning to trust and emulate Christ in the ups and downs of life…oh and World Peace 🙂

I am so excited to be able to blog here and I hope that I can add to the Spirit of discussion here and uplift people. I hope that I can either add a longer introduction to myself on here later or do the…..I cant remember what John called it…..”rising generation” podcasts with John when he does them again.

Man this song gives me tingles everytime….I think it is the Spirit….honestly

Anyways….God Bless you all and go shower the people you love with love…


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  1. Welcome Stephen!

    One critical thing…I’m a HUGE James Taylor fan. 🙂

    So great to have you here. It will take us a while to build up an audience, but I’m sure we will — especially if we’re good citizens and comment on other blogs (and link back here).

    Let this be the beginning of something really fun.

    And yes…this song rocks. As does Steamroller. 🙂

  2. Hi Steven,

    Welcome! Can I convert you to Bad Religion or Johnny Cash instead of the Dixie Chicks?

    I love Branston Pickle, so please bring some to Utah if you ever come out here!

  3. Post

    Terry…I am living in Norwich at the moment.

    John Nilsson….I love Bad Religion and Johnny Cash. I have been listening to a lot of CCR recently when start getting angry about the war. lol

    I’ll defeinitely bring some Branston Pickle with me on my next trip to Utah.

  4. Cheers Stephen, thanks for the online introduction and will be looking forward to your posts. You can add me to the list of B.R. fans. And maybe I saw you at the Rage Against the Machine concert in Spanish Fork, UT back when I was at BYU; there were a lot of socialist/anarchist dudes with dreads there passing out literature.

    Like many Mormons, I have family roots that go back to England; ancestors lived in Yorkshire, converted to the Church there, and made the trek to Utah. Dad served a mission in London and it would be an understatement to say my parents are Anglophiles; they’ve been to England something like 15 times at last count.

    Anyways, nice to meet you and Power to the People!

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