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There are some fascinating articles we find occasionally and post in the sidebar, and then there are others that simply are too funny to ignore.

Feel free to read and comment in a free-for-all style on any or all of the following articles – or anything else in the sidebar:

RIP, Larry Miller – and all that Jazz

The Parietal Lobe: God’s Footstool

Dwight Shrute on Religious Persecution

I forgot why I was supposed to hold my breath . . .

The Oval Office Ain’t Sacrament Meeting

The Consequences are Much Worse than Blindness

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  1. “Religous persecution”

    ****RANT ALERT***

    ok then here is a BIT of a bug bear with me

    I live in the UK and we “aparantly” persecute those of the Islam faith
    WRONG we just dont like the idea of ANY men (especially those with hooks) coming in – living off taxes that the honest man has to pay while saying “death to the west”

    Another thing we see is the whole thing where a newspaper will jump on a story about an abused child (which is ALWAYS tragic) and they just JUMP on the persons religion as the parents reason for it.
    That is not good – within 2 months a couple of years ago there were THREE stories about children that had been abused
    2 from a family where the mother was a J.W.
    1 from LDS

    And it was awful to see this

    I personally dont understand why the Jehovas Witness will refuse a blood transplant – they have their own reasons and I may not agree with them
    BUT IT IS THEIR FAITH and therefore their choice

    another story from about a year ago showed a Muslim woman who wore a headscarf didnt get a job in a VERY cutting edge hair salon
    The owner thought IN HER PROFESSIONAL OPINION that her clients would want to see the hair of those in the salon to get ideas of what to have and an idea of how good the stylist is and didnt want anyone with hats headscarfs or anything like that
    She got sued and the muslim lady won

    I think that it is a shame that people are too quick to jump on the religous persecution bandwagon
    It takes away from the REAL cases of it
    Like the nazis
    THAT was persecution
    and I pray for all those effected

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