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  1. That’s just horrible. Getting robbed and beaten is traumatic and will stay with you for decades to come.

    Having said that, the patriarchal contortions of KSL News are hilarious. The writers introduce the main character by her relationship to her husband. Never mind that it was a woman that got hurt the worst and that her husband is not a celebrity.

  2. I would like to know more details on how they got cuts, bruises, and a broken arm and how the armed guard that was employed orchestrated the whole thing.

    I wonder if they tried to talk to the robbers about the meaning of life and salvation in the next life.

    “You don’t want to cut me with that thing, is that really going to make you happy?”

    Seriously thought, that would be a horrible thing to have happen.

  3. Is the LDS Public Relations Department trying to claim that the robbers were “gays, retaliating against the LDS church for it’s involvement with Proposition 8” yet?

  4. President Madsen was mission president for the first year of my mission. Zone conferences were literally a spiritual experience from beginning to end with him and Sis. Madsen. Ten years after I came home, I bumped into him at the SLC airport and he still remembered my name and I was still just a junior companion when he was released. He made me feel like I mattered. He was a great man.

  5. Truman Madsen will be sorely missed by many. It is a shame that most of the world will not realize the treasure that has passed from this plane to the next.


    Yes, it IS tragic but I fail to see how the order of introductions is relevant here. ALL were attacked and various injuries were sustained.

  6. I’m thinking that attacking an apostle and his wife is not going to go over well during the great judgement day. Not many defenses for that.

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