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  1. I felt sure that must be an urban legend sort of thing. It just seems too unlikely. Is it real?

    As for Swine flu, the numbers just keep going up exponentially. I’m still watching them daily. Hopefully it stays mild like it is so far, and the deaths stay low.

  2. I have had all eight of the eight flu symptoms listed on the CDC website, but unfortunately I have no way to tell if it’s H1N1 (except for that link in the sidebar, of course).

    I mean, if I’m going to have the flu, it might as well be sensational, right?

    Of course, given that the school hardest hit by flu in all of the Puget Sound area is a few blocks from my house, and given that everyone seems to assume that those students have H1N1 (though they aren’t being tested because none of them have been hospitalized), I think I will start claiming that I have H1N1 as well.

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