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We recently discovered a nifty little website called xTimeline which allows people to collaborate on-line in a similar fashion to a wiki.  Folks sign up to be able to create or edit timelines for whatever subject catches your fancy.  John Dehlin started one off called Critical Moments in Mormon History. Go to the “Editors” tab on John’s timeline and submit a request to become and editor (after signing up of course).  I should probably mention its free.   What events do you find most important in Mormon history?
The website could be useful in other ways as well, as I noticed school projects, company histories, and biographical timelines on there, too.  Fun stuff.  I am working on one centered around Black history within the LDS Church since I already have a crude document of events to use.  I promise I’ll post again when that is finished.

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  1. These kinds of timelines are awesome. There is a fantastic chronology of called The Complete 9/11 Timeline

    which shows the backhandedness of countries (especially the US, UK and Pakistan) in dealing and helping Islamic extremists throughout the world. I especially find suspicious the news story from The Guardian newspaper in London of Bin Laden being visited by CIA agents in Dubai in about July of 2001 whilst he was on life saving kidney dialysis treament.

    But I do wonder why the chronology has to be of “critical mormon history” and not just mormon history. I would like to see history as it is…in both its good and bad moments. I feel if we just show the critical side then it may give a false impression of what Mormonism is about.

  2. Post
  3. lol….cheers Clay…its interesting how semantics work…I hadnt even thought of it that way…and now that I have I feel stupid for my original interpretation. Cheers for the clarification. I am excited about the timeline…it will be a tremedous resource for lds and non-lds alike.

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