Breaking News: Romney Dropping Out

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The wires are alive with the story that Romney is dropping out of the race. More as the story develops.

See Breitbart, TIME and CNN for the story.  Romney is quoted saying:

This is not an easy decision for me. I hate to lose. My family, my friends and our supporters … many of you right here in this room … have given a great deal to get me where I have a shot at becoming president. If this were only about me, I would go on. But I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, I feel I must now stand aside, for our party and for our country

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    I think Mitt Romney’s life ambition was to become president. His father was a successful, respected businessman who became a popular governor. When his father emerged as the GOP frontrunner in 1968, the trajectory was set for greatness. However, when his father’s campaign collapsed it finished that previous trajectory with a capstone of failure. All of George Romney’s subsequent successes as a cabinet member and in promoting volunteerism did not reverse the story of his presidential bid’s failure.

    I think that’s something that Mitt took to heart and I think that he lived his life with the goal of personally reliving his father’s failure and reversing it by succeeding. The reason why Mitt looked like an opportunist with no personal values who would say or do anything to get into the White House, is because his primary motivation was not any political issue, it was to win the Presidency.

    Although there is talk of him running in 2012, I’m not sure what he does between now and then to be any better positioned than he was this year. It’s hard to imagine a weaker constellation of competitors than what he faced this year, and he still failed to sell himself to his party’s voters.

  2. Yes, I’d agree with John here.

    Romney also lacked that Huckabee likableness or Obama charisma.

    But even after this Romney is still in a very strong position within the GOP. He will stay around for a long while, at least 8 or so years, and if the GOP wins in Nov (extremely unlikely) Romney is surely in line for a big job like Sec Treasury or at least under sec. Romney is sure to be better than O’Neill was. If the GOP loses well Romney could be a candidate in ’12, but that’s only abut some 30% IMO.
    I doubt he will be VP but who knows, maybe McCain has a brain snap and chooses Mitt, but McCain will probably chose a conservative southern governor.

  3. I predict that Utah will vote democratic in November (i believe for the first time since 1932 when Utah voted for FDR and his “new deal”—fact check needed)

    I have a hard time thinking that gung-ho Utah Mormon Romney Republicans will support the man who shattered their dreams.

    I’m just hoping that Romney now endorses Ron Paul!

  4. Romney is out and my guess is that he is leaving politics for good.

    First, he is going to want to recoup that $40 million that he lost by running.

    Second, by the time the next presidential primary comes around he would be 64/65, which means age starts to become a factor.

    Third, he has no current political office in which to build more political capital and he has no ideological base (like say Reagan) in which to build a movement. In 2012 he will be just as unelectable as he was this time around.

    Fourth, rich guys who throw a bunch of money at a race tend to just go away when it doesn’t pan out (Perot, Forbes).

    Fifth, I doubt McCain would invite him into the cabinet, and Hillary or Obama surely won’t, meaning appointed political office is unlikely.

    Sixth, even if offered appointed political office I doubt he would accept. Romney is used to being the “guy in charge” and the “buck stops here” guy. When you are in that mindset it’s hard to take orders from above.

    So, my guess is that Mitt either goes back to business or takes an early retirement.

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    #8 David — I agree with all 6 points.

    #5 Paula — We were just talking yesterday that it seemed more likely Romney would eventually be an LDS apostle than that he would eventually be US president.

  6. My friends, it’s days like today, when the immortal words of William Clayton come to mind: “HAPPY DAY! ALL IS WELL!” 🙂

    I think Mitt Romney’s life ambition was to become president.

    Yes, and we’ve all seen what happens when little boys become POTUS, and try to finish daddy’s unfulfilled goals.

    Well, there is an apostle opening coming up too…

    One scenario is Romney got a call from Monson, saying “Look Mitt, it’s becoming clear that you won’t be elected, but you could be of so much service to the church…If you’re ready to drop out, I’d like to extend a calling to you.” I think it’s quite unlikely, as it would cause many to assume that Romney was a puppet of the LDS leaders all along.

    I think it’s far more likely that Romney will be called as an apostle after the next vacancy occurs in the quorum.

  7. #10 Nick…oh my goodness you have me laughing so hard with the boys becoming POTUS comment. But goodness gracious I hope he doesnt get into the apostleship for many reasons.

    #7 Carlos…AWESOME comment!

    #8 David…great insight.

    KC Kern…I really hope they do…but do you REALLY think they will? From my experience they are as republican as can be.

    Hamer…so true…Romney just wanted to be president end of story…no matter what it took. I dont see him as being motivated by personal issues that he really believed in.

    Gosh I hope Bush and Blair get hauled before an international court of law!

  8. Remember what President Hinckley said to Mitt before he ran, “It’ll be a great experience if you win and it’ll be a great experience if you lose.”

  9. He’ll be called as mission president somewhere in Europe and have time to focus on “spiritual” matters while he manages his money from afar. I don’t think he really needs to recoup all of his millions. Can’t he just write it off on his taxes?

  10. Re: KC Kern (#6),

    I think Utah Republicans will essentially swallow their disappointment over Romney and vote for McCain, especially if Hillary is his opponent. Things might be more interesting if Obama wins the Democratic nomination, but I still think that there are too many Mormons who could not bring themselves to vote for a Democrat.

  11. 12:
    Remember what President Hinckley said to Mitt before he ran, “It’ll be a great experience if you win and it’ll be a great experience if you lose.”

    If Hinckley really said this, maybe he was a prophet after all. Romney has lost, and yes, it’s a “great experience” for me!

    Keep in mind, however, that Romney didn’t spill this particular comment until after Hinckley was too dead to refute it. When Hinckley was still alive, Romney told Christianity Today that Hinckley “had no advice” for him on the subject.

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    #10 and 15: Nick, are you a McCainiac or just anti-Mitt? My position is well known: I’m a Democrat who has endorsed Obama. I’m not rejoicing at all to see Mitt out. I think he was a much weaker candidate than McCain and I think that beating Mitt would have been a cake walk for Obama. I still think Obama beats McCain handily this year… but I also think McCain’s a mean, scrappy fighter and that the general election will be much closer. So “All is well, all is well,” ain’t my tune today.

  13. I think it is appropriate for Romney to step down. He just didn’t have the support of the GOP.

    ‘So “All is well, all is well,” ain’t my tune today.’

    Yes, I have to agree with this sentiment. I’m not a big McCain fan; although I was a one time, back in 2000 when he seemed more open and honest. But now, he seems to have gone more toward the pandering. I am also quite disappointed in his stance on Iraq. I would have rather seen Romney win than McCain. But as an independent, I am definitely voting Democrat this year, unless some major turn of events takes place.

  14. I don’t think he really needs to recoup all of his millions. Can’t he just write it off on his taxes?

    No. Political contributions are not deductible.

    But I do think the mission president scenario is more plausible than an apostleship. I’m betting on Bangalore, India.

  15. I am certainly no McCain fan, John, but when it comes to yesterday’s republican POTUS candidates, I think McCain is the least dangerous, in the unilkely event that a republican gets elected.

    I really like a lot of what Obama has to say, but I’ve yet to completely forgive him for ignoring the Donnie McClurkin debacle.

  16. Nick says: “I think McCain is the least dangerous”

    I have to laugh. McDingleberry and Huckabigot are both Gadianton Robbers that conspired behind the scenes to kill Mitt’s chances. The Hillbilly Klu Klux Klantons are Gadiantons too. The only one that is even honest is Obama. Obama has integrity, and even though I can’t agree with his politics, I’m voting for him because a man of integrity at least can change when he finds out honestly that he’s wrong. Gadiantons go on doing what is wrong even when they know it is wrong.

  17. #17 NM Tony – I totally agree. Go Obama!

    #20 Dude – “Gadianton” analogy notwithstanding, I totally agree that McCain conspired with Huckabee. I would just love to see McCain pass Huckabee over now that he got what he needed from him. But he may give him veep yet.

  18. Well, here we go again. No one to vote for. Imagining a McClain/Clinton race makes me gag! I hope that Barack makes it so that it will be interesting and we can get something different than the usual Washington Crowd!

    Mitt doesn’t need to work, but a Mission/Temple/Vistor’s Center Presidency /Washington representative for the Church is on the horizon.

  19. #20 “Dude”:
    I didn’t say I support McCain. I absolutely don’t. I simply said that he was the least dangerous, meaning the least dangerous to all that I hold as “good government.” If we had to endure another republican administration, it’s at least better not to have another republican POTUS who thinks he’s acting on deity’s errand.

  20. Forgive me for a third posting in a row, but I have to say it: IF McCain and Huckabee struck some sort of West Virginia deal to beat Romney, that’s hardly a “gadianton conspiracy.” In fact, I’d wager money any day that had Romney engaged in such activity, all you Romney-lovers would be posting about how brilliant a political strategist he was.

  21. “IF McCain and Huckabee struck some sort of West Virginia deal to beat Romney, that’s hardly a “gadianton conspiracy.””

    I think they are both Gadianton robbers regardless of anything in West Virginia. thus, whatever it was in WV, if it was a conspiracy, then two gadiantons got together.

  22. “I predict that Utah will vote democratic in November (i believe for the first time since 1932 when Utah voted for FDR and his “new deal”—fact check needed”

    Actually, Utah voted for Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

  23. Well, all I really know is I am now (as a republican who wasn’t really excited about Romney, per se) seriously considering holding my nose and voting for Obama. I think that of all the candidates he is at least the most sincere and honest. I disagree with his policies and his platform, but sincerety will win out in many ways for me. Clinton and McCain do not strike me as sincere and Huckabee’s blatant pandaring to the evangelical base and use of Romney’s religion as a bigoted message completely turned me cold to him. I wouldn’t vote for Huckabee if he was the ONLY candidate, let alone given options. McCain and Clinton are only marginally better in my eyes for a list of reasons too extensive to detail here.

  24. I have noticed that McCain and Huckabee quite often wear red ties. Could those really be pieces of lamb skin dipped in blood? I wonder if they really have shaved heads and just wear toupees. Furthermore, I think DJ has something with Mc-CAIN; not mention Huckabee the huckster. I wonder with tongue firmly in cheek…
    (see 3 Nephi 4:7)

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    Re #20 — I don’t know if the Gadianton analogy is working for me. How about George W. Bush is the wicked King Noah who got upset with the prophet Abinadi (Romney) because Romney was against King Noah’s immigration bill (which Noah figured was his party’s only hope of ever winning the Lamanite vote, without which his party is doomed to permanent minority status)… So Noah let Amulon (McCain) and the other priests of Noah (Huckabee) burn Abinadi alive. Then the righteous Alma (Obama) rescues the people… j/k

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    Wait, wait, wait — this one’s better. George W. Bush is the wicked King Noah. Old man McCain is Abinadi and Huckabee is Amulon (the wicked priest of Noah). After the priests of Noah (Evangelicals) turn on Abinadi in the fall, both he and Noah are slain. Then the Lamanites (Democrats) seize power and oppress the people of Nephi with all sorts of taxes for 8 years until Limhi (Romney) gets them all drunk and leads the people to freedom in 2016. 😀

  27. My tongue is firmly in cheek, but I did find the Cain vs. Able (an allusion Romney’s hyper-competence) analogy to be delicious.

  28. For the first time in my life, I may vote for a Democrat. Barak Obama is a man of character. I don’t think he’s a left-wing ideologue. I think he transcends politics. His statements are so vapid that I don’t think anyone could hold him to anything. I don’t agree with him politically, but I trust him to lead the country. I don’t trust McClinton or Clintain, so there you have it.

    Romney in 2012 – After he gets fat, grows a beard, makes a documentary on how China is beating the USA, and announces his candidacy after we have entered the second Great Depression and the New Deal part deux isn’t working as well as the New Deal part un.

  29. And yes, I hope Utah goes Democrat. Maybe the elephants won’t take the Mormons for granted anymore. They sure want our vote, but they won’t vote for one of us. There was a lot of whispering bigotry, and despite the fact that I thought Romney was a weak candidate on many fronts, the unholy underground bigot war made me fight for him as family–just to spite those red-baiting Baptists.

  30. #27 “dude”:
    I think they are both Gadianton robbers regardless of anything in West Virginia.

    Why are McCain and Huckabee both “gadianton robbers?” Is it because they dared run against god’s annointed candidate, or what?

  31. Here’s a wild scenario: Note that Romney “suspended” his campaign, rather than honorably withdrawing from the race. What if he pulled a Lieberman stunt, and came back in as an independent? He could target the so-called “true conservatives” who are upset about McCain.

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    Re #39: That’s the same language Edwards used. Neither one of them has the capacity to go Joe Lieberman on anybody because they aren’t incumbants with an obvious base on the other side of the aisle to draw from. An independent bid by Romney would result in a total of 5 electoral votes & it would mean he could never get the GOP nomination in the future.

  33. “I have to respectfully say:
    When Mormons play the bigotry card, it truly is the “pot calling the kettle black”.

    I have to agree with this statement. Calling the Baptists and Evangelicals names and such lowers the Mormons to the same level, don’t you think? I don’t think you are helping your cause with that sort of talk.

    In any case, I’m in a republican state and I have heard way more snide remarks against the woman running, or the black man running, than I have of the Mormon running. Most of the conservative talk hosts in these parts seemed to like Mitt a lot more than McCain.

  34. “In any case, I’m in a republican state and I have heard way more snide remarks against the woman running, or the black man running, than I have of the Mormon running.”

    Man…that gets me really frustrated! Not at you Heather hehehe…..But that people dont look further than that.

  35. I’m in a purple state, but have heard virtually no comments about a woman running and a black man running. In fact, there seems to be a very politically correct attitude extended to those categories, that was not extended to the Mormon candidate.

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