A Guide To Election Night

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Here are some links to good technical tools for tracking the election:

  • Politico.com – cool interactive maps, segmentation of different interests and types of races
  • interesting image breaks down what to looks for tonight
  • FiveThirtyEight – very technical analysis, lots of charts and maps
  • Pollster.com – really cool interactive map which even shows which news networks are “calling it” for either candidate on a state-by-state basis

For the most part, the websites for the major networks are not that great because they integrate too much advertising (both for their clients and for their own content) and become pretty cluttered.  Pollster and Politico look like the best and most accessible tools for the night.  I will probably be bouncing between MSNBC and Comedy Central on TV, and complimenting it with Pollster on the laptop.

Get the popcorn ready!  (I know, I’m a geek.)

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