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  1. Wish there was a transcript of this podcast. It was the kind you need to listen to over and over again to fully absorb. Thank you for the work you do.

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      I’m so glad this was “one of those” that continue to yield their treasures after more than just one listen. I feel that way about this conversation, too.

      Mormon Matters is just still so small (a one-person endeavor) and unscripted/conversational that I haven’t ever delved into creating transcripts. I’ve had a few people send me ones they’ve created in the past, and I will post them in the episode comments, but at this time it just isn’t something I can generate myself.

      Thanks for being a listener!

  2. Such great insights. I keep repeating over and over in my mind “ultimate truth is the spiritual reality underlying historical events. If myth can tap into that it suddenly becomes more true than history”

    Loving it! Thank you Dan and Phil

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