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  1. Heard a few years ago that this book was in the works, really looking forward to reading it. Knew Jim and Judy in a married students ward at the U of U. They were outstanding even then. I liked theit thoughts on social justice and the family of God especially.

  2. Enjoyed podcast until the reveal of the idea and opinion that capitalism is
    somehow in opposition to Jesus’s idea of the Kingdom of God. I reject any government system, to date, devised by human invention that is even comparable to Jesus’s idea of the Kingdom. Capitalism may have its faults and fails to meet every single participants needs. Nevertheless, the implication that socialism or comminism ( or any earthly government) has equivalence to the ideal that Christ was intending is a distortion of truly understanding the Kingdom of God. Unless there could be a VOLUNTARY admission of individuals that work under a unified theocratic principle such a system and its associated institutions will meet the same fate that history has so revealed. If anything we learn from the past is that earthly institutions attempting a shadow of communal and socialized structures lead to tyrants, poverty and millions of deaths. Even in its best cases there is still great disparity between the working class and powerful elites in non capitalistic systems too.

    The guest implied his reluctance and warning, in the early part of the podcast, that he wanted to deflect the current presentism and paradigm into the historical understanding that is being extracted from the Gospels text. A great ideal I would agree. However, the reality was a supposition that the nuclear family somehow is negated by the few words that Jesus mentioned in the selected canonization and that capitalism is rejected without mentioning what mankind institution could provide a better alternative.

    I had all intention to even purchase their book but felt the authors may have an agenda to present justification from the historical Jesus of the current progressive political constructs that exist in today’s political realm. Just my opinion of course and would be interested if I am alone in my suspicion.

    In whole I did enjoy some of the morsels of information presented and was provoked to think deeper on these subjects. However, in my opinion, was just a little turned off with some narrow conclusions and felt a wider range of hypothesis could have been explored.

    Thanks for another interesting podcast! This was a miss for me personally but two out of three is still a descent track record for all of the presentations that the Mormon Matters podcast that I have listened to.

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