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  1. As I was listening I kept wanting to interject my questions from a feminist perspective. When you were talking about “presentism,” as in writing from the future to support a certain goal or view relevant to the current time, what is your opinion of Riane Eisler and Margaret Barker’s critiques that the writers were consciously working to write the stories in a way that downplayed the old traditions where a goddess was much more relevant to life and religion. Do you think there is evidence to support that theory, that part of what the writers were trying to do was prop up patriarchy, replacing and/or subverting the women’s role into one that is more subservient and a system where women’s power to act (and preserve their ancient traditions that include a feminine divine) became “tricky” (like Rebekah and Leah etc).

    1. As member of the Genesis team, I’d like to thank you for your well stated question. However, I must state that scholars have been backing away in recent decades from the notion of a matriarchal age prior to 1400 BC which lead into the patriarchal religion of the Near East. Early feminist writers such Mary Daley, Rosemary Ruether, Merlyn Stone and others held to the matriarchal. However, scholars such as Kinzey and Phyllis Tribble have clearly shown Near Eastern religious texts such as the KRT and others were always dominated by a male deity even Asherah and other female counterparts were on the Great Counsel. With all due respect, it wasn’t our subject matter to state whether or not the matriarchal applications were redacted from the biblical text. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Father Tom

      1. Thanks for the reply. Of course that wasn’t your subject matter–I was just curious what your perspective was. Thanks again.

  2. Really enjoying the series – keep up the great work. Someone (Brian I think, but maybe it was David) mentioned a book by an Israeli scholar – what was the name again? Sounded interesting – want to put it on my to read list.


  3. I wish there was one or two women on this series of panel discussions. Lots of interesting things being discussed. Thanks!

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