Episode List

Chronological List (Newest to Oldest):

395: Spiritual Mentors and Heroes
Jana Riess, Bridget Smith, Charles Randall Paul
393–394: Does “Certainty” Hinder Living Faith?
Jeff Christensen, Doug Christensen, Jana Spangler, Jay Griffith
390–392: Mormon Women Gaining Spiritual Confidence within a Patriarchal Church
Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Bryndis Roberts, Jenne Alderks
388–389: Our Brains and Faith
Russell Osmond, Henning Mueller
387: LDS Church Changes to Its Scouting Program
Chris Tucker, Cynthia Winward, Matt Jones, Walt Wood
386: Announcing a July 2017 Mormon Matters Retreat
Dan Wotherspoon, Natasha Helfer Parker
384–385: Gaining Spiritual Confidence
Billy Phillips, Thomas Wirthlin McConkie
382–383: The Living Nature of Mormon Covenants
Charles Randall Paul, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Joseph Stanford
381: Why Ritual “Makes Sense”
Dan Wotherspoon
379–380: Effective Teaching in the Church
Kristine Haglund, Stephen Carter
378: Engaging Constructively with General Conference
Carol Lynn Pearson, Patrick Mason, Mark Crego
373–377: (Encore) An Easter Primer
Jared Anderson, Zina Petersen, Kristine Haglund

372: Jesus’ Abba: The God Who Has Not Failed
John B. Cobb, James McLachlan
371: New Perspectives on Joseph Smith and Translation
Philip Barlow, Richard Bushman, Samuel Brown
369–370: Helping Children Plant Lasting Seeds of Faith
Caleb Jones, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Jordan Harmon
367–368: Faith within a Mormonism that Points Beyond Itself
Benjamin Knoll, Brian Hauglid, Susan Meredith Hinckley
366: Sin
Adam Miller, Julie deAzevedo Hanks
365: More on the Mormon God (with Help from Process Theology)
David Ray Griffin, James McLachlan
363–364: Mormonism’s Wonderful, Vulnerable God
Fiona Givens, James McLachlan
362: Taking Jesus Seriously
Billy Phillips, Tom Gleason
361: Joy Amidst Sadness: Kim Puzey’s Journey to Peace
Kim Puzey, Kevin Kapp
360: Faith and Doubt: Balancing Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
Jon Ogden, Jeralee Renshaw, Kim Puzey
358–359: Improving Our Conversations about Important and Emotional Topics
Lindsay Hansen Park, Russell Osmond, Jacob Hess
356–357: (Encore) A Christmas Primer: Exploring the Nativity in Scripture, Legend, History, and Hearts
Jared Anderson, Zina Petersen, Kristine Haglund
355: Personal and Spiritual Renewal Following a Difficult Election Season
Gina Colvin, Kristy Money, Dan Wotherspoon
353–354: Championing the “Addiction” Paradigm with Regard to Pornography/Sex Addiction
Jackie Pack, Alexandra Katehakis, Stefanie Carnes, Donald Hilton
351–352: “The Policy”: One Year Later
Jana Riess, Benjamin Knoll, Laura Root, Walt Wood
350: The Church’s New “Mormon and Gay” Website
Boyd Petersen, Jody England Hansen, Wendy Williams Montgomery
349: The Leaked Videos: A Church That Is Also a Corporation
Boyd Petersen, Kristy Money, Mark Crego
347–348: Challenging the “Addiction” Paradigm with Regard to Pornography
Natasha Helfer Parker, Kristin Hodson, Nicole Prause, Jay Blevins
346: Intimacy in Mormon Marriages
Carol Lynn Pearson, Stephen Carter, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
345: Dialogue at Fifty!—Part 2: The Present and Future
Boyd Petersen, Kristine Haglund, Joanna Brooks
344: Dialogue at Fifty!—Part 1: History
Frances Lee Menlove, Robert Rees, Devery Anderson
343: An Exciting Approach to Scripture
Julie M. Smith, Michael Austin, Mark Decker
342: Mormon Women’s Position and Organization Names and Titles
Neylan McBaine, Julie deAzevedo Hanks
341: Teachings about War in the Book of Mormon
Patrick Mason, David Pulsipher
339–340: Mercy and the Atonement
Mathew Schmalz, Fiona Givens, Alonzo Gaskill
338: Mormons and Humor
Stephen Carter, Jett Atwood, Jana Riess
337: The Next Mormons
Jana Riess, David Campbell, Derrick Clements
336: The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy
Carol Lynn Pearson
335: Hope
Patrick Mason, Brian Hauglid, Bridget Jack Jeffries
334: Growing and Living a Fully Engaged Mormon Life (Live Event)
John Dehlin (host), Gina Colvin, Thomas Wirthlin McConkie, Dan Wotherspoon
333: Mormonism and Future Generations
Adam Miller, Rosalynde Welch, James McLachlan
332: Mercy
Mathew Schmalz, Fiona Givens, Alonzo Gaskill
331: Reflections on Two Recent Talks and the Online Reactions They Generated
Kristine Haglund, Jon Grimes
330: Mormonism’s Jesus
John Turner, Charles Harrell
329: Addiction and Recovery Series—Part 4: Being an Addict and Mormon
James Cottrell, Bill Casper
327–328: Explorations in Depth: The Two Lost Sons and Growing in God
Philip McLemore
326: Addiction and Recovery Series—Part 3: One Family’s Story of Overcoming Pornography and Its Negative Effects
Coby Mitchell, Ashlynne Mitchell, Bill Turnbull
325: Addiction and Recovery Series—Part 2: Effects on an Addict’s Family
Christian Smith, Kelle Smith, Bill Turnbull
323–324: New/Old Wisdom from Mormonism and Other Traditions for Facing the End of the World
Charles Shiro Inouye, Charles Randall Paul, James McLachlan
322: How Does Apocalyptic Thinking Factor into the Recent LGBT Policy Change and Reactions to It?
Mark Crego, Jason Nelson Seawright
320–321: Addition and Recovery Series—Part 1: Personal, Family, and Spiritual Dynamics
Preston Dixon, Tyson Dixon, Bill Turnbull
319: Is There Good News for Faith in Today’s Mormon Crises?—Part 2
Patrick Mason, Boyd Petersen
318: Are There Fresh and Productive Ways to View the New LGBT Policy/Revelation?
Maxine Hanks, Tom Christofferson
317: Is There Good News for Faith in Today’s Mormon Crises?—Part 1
Patrick Mason, Boyd Petersen
316: Reflections on the New Mormon Gender Survey
Nancy Ross, Michael Nielsen, Stephen Merino, Jana Riess
314–315: Sex Positivity in Mormonism
Natasha Helfer Parker, Shannon Hickman, Kristin Hodson, Kristin Marie Bennion
312–313: Positive Spiritual Effects of Disenchantment and Demythologizing
Derrick Clements, Jordan Harmon, Carl Youngblood
310–311: Making Sense of the Research on Homosexuality—Parts 3 & 4: Social and Psychological Factors
William Bradshaw, Natasha Helfer Parker, Daniel Parkinson
308–309: Making Sense of the Research on Homosexuality—Parts 1 & 2: Biological Factors
William Bradshaw, Natasha Helfer Parker, Daniel Parkinson
307: Church handbook Change Regarding LGBT Men and Women and Their Children. Part 3: “Yes, . . . and”: Activism and Renewal in a Tragic World
Dan Wotherspoon
306: Church handbook Change Regarding LGBT Men and Women and Their Children. Part 2: Why? Why Now? Analyses and Possibilities
Brad Kramer, Nancy Ross, Rob Vox
305: Church handbook Change Regarding LGBT Men and Women and Their Children. Part 1: Thoughts on How to Move Forward with Faith and Hope
Carol Lynn Pearson, Mitch Mayne
304: Mormon History and Lying
Brian Whitney, Adam Leavitt, Lisa Hansen
303: Why is This All So Hard?
Lindsay Hansen Park, Jon Grimes, Brian Whitney, Emily Grover
301–302: Doubt and Faith as Discussed in the October 2015 General Conference
Adam Miller, James Patterson, Jordan Harmon
299–300: Being Wrong in a Church and Culture that Emphasizes Being Right
Brian Dillman, Julienna Viegas-Haws, Anna Smith
297–298: The State of Public History in Today’s Mormonism
Lindsay Hansen Park, Brian Whitney, Jon Grimes
295–296: John Dehlin Interviewed by Dan Wotherspoon about His Beliefs, Spiritual Path, and Upcoming Projects
John Dehlin, Dan Wotherspoon
293–294: Dan Wotherspoon Interview by John Dehlin about Helping People Find Rich Spirituality within Mormonism
Dan Wotherspoon, John Dehlin
292: The Landscape of Mormon Theology: Terryl Givens at the Rockwell Museum
Terryl Givens
290–291: Past, Present, and Possible Futures of Mormon Studies
Brian Birch, Spencer Fluhman
289: The Gift of the Holy Ghost
Samuel M. Brown, Adam Miller
287–288: Joseph Smith’s Use of a Seer Stone in Bringing Forth the Book of Mormon
D. Michael Quinn, Ann Taves, Ron Barney
286: Sunstone 2015
Stephen Carter, Lindsay Hansen Park
284–285: Worthiness
Les Blake, Kerstin Koldewyn, Matt Jones
283: Being an Ally
Jody England Hansen, Jerilyn Hassel Pool, Mark Barnes
282: Baptism
Samuel M. Brown, Adam Miller
281: LDS Film: Present, Future, Roles, Tensions
Arthur Van Wagenen, Sterling Van Wagenen, Stephen Carter
279–280: Mutual Respect: Creating Healthy Relationships When Loved Ones Choose a Different Faith Path
Chelsea Shields Strayer, Eric Shields, Heidi Shields
278: Encountering Other Traditions, Part 2—Roman Catholicism
Fiona Givens, Mark de St. Aubin, Mathew Schmalz
277: Does Powerful Faith Require Scriptural Literalism?
David Bokovoy, Stephen Carter, Bill Turnbull
276: Being Heard in Today’s Church
Natasha Helfer Parker, Gina Colvin, Dan Wotherspoon
274–275: Beyond Belief and Unbelief
Phil Barlow, U. Carlisle Hunsaker
273: The Passion (Final Week of Jesus’ Life)
Eric Huntsman, Julie Smith
272: Paul’s Theology of Grace
Adam Miller, Joseph Spencer
271: Speaking with Loved Ones about Faith Differences
Wendy Williams Montgomery, John Dehlin, Dan Wotherspoon
270: “Yes . . . and”: Activism and Renewal in a Tragic World
Dan Wotherspoon
269: The Effects of Excommunication on All of Us: Healing Perspectives
Natasha Helfer Parker, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Joanna Brooks, Brian Dillman, Dan Wotherspoon
267–268: The Gospels
Taylor Petrey, Eric Huntsman
265–266: Mormonism as a “Religion”
Laurie Maffly-Kipp, Doe Daughtrey, Margaret Toscano
263–264: Ordinances
Samuel M. Brown, Brad Kramer
262: Gospel Burn-Out
Jana Riess, Mark de St. Aubin
261: Faith and Repentance
Samuel M. Brown, Adam Miller
260: Introversion and the Mormon Experience
Laura Stewart, John Hatch, John Shaw, Greg Nelson
259: A Reason for the Hope That Is In Me
Dan Wotherspoon
258: Question 7
Claudia Bushman, Jeralee Renshaw, Devery Anderson
257: Negotiating Adult Faith Within a Developing Institution
Katie Langston, Marybeth Raynes, Brad Kramer
256: The Church’s New Articles on Plural Marriage
Barbara Jones Brown, Todd M. Compton, Brian C. Hales
255: New Church Video on LDS Temple Clothing and Garments
Adam Miller, Rosalynde Welch
254: Meet the Mormons—Is It Signaling a Shift in Mormon Identity?
Jody England Hansen, Brian Whitney, Michael Barker
253: Supporting Missionary Work During or After a Faith Transition
Kristine Haglund, Anthony Craiker, Alice Fisher Roberts
251–252: Mormonism’s Apostasy Narrative
Miranda Wilcox, John D. Young, Taylor Petrey
249–250: Being Authentic within Mormonism
Neylan McBaine, Dan Wotherspoon, Adam Leavitt, Jefferson Birrell
248: Approaching Scriptural Texts with Fresh Eyes
Michael Austin, Boyd Jay Petersen
247: The “Best Thing” about Mormonism—2
Jeff Krey, Chelsi Archibald, Jim Smithson, Becky Linford
244–246: Genesis, Part 6: Isaac, Rebekah, Esau, and the Transformation of Jacob
David Bokovoy, Tom Roberts, Brian Hauglid
239–243: Jesus Christ within Mormonism
Charles Harrell, Jody England Hansen, Phil McLemore
237–238: Hope and Healing in the Face of LDS Current Events
Natasha Helfer Parker, Ronda Callister, Chelsea Shields Strayer, Maxine Hanks
236: Encountering Other Traditions, Part 1—Freemasonry
Patrick McCleary, Lorenzo (Lon) Tibbetts, Joe Swick, George Miller
235: Perspectives on News of Possible Excommunications of LDS Activists, Part 5
Maxine Hanks
234: Perspectives on News of Possible Excommunications of LDS Activists, Part 4
Natasha Helfer Parker
233: Perspectives on News of Possible Excommunications of LDS Activists, Part 3
Kristine Haglund
232: Perspectives on News of Possible Excommunications of LDS Activists, Part 2
Jana Riess
231: Perspectives on News of Possible Excommunications of LDS Activists, Part 1
Elbert Peck
230: The Mormon God
Charley Harrell, Jim McLachlan, Lorie Winder Stromberg
228–229: Mapping LDS Faith Transitions (With Help from James Fowler)
Katie Langston (host), Marybeth Raynes, Dan Wotherspoon
227: “Living” Stories
Adam Miller, Stephen Carter
226: The “Best Thing” about Mormonism
Lorie Winder Stromberg, Taylor Petrey, Rick Jepson, Gina Colvin
225: Wrestling with Prophets and Scripture
Boyd Petersen, Fiona Givens, Terryl Givens
224: Genesis, Part 5: Entertaining Angels; Sodom and Gomorrah
David Bokovoy, Tom Roberts, Brian Hauglid
222–223: Becoming Like God
Charles Harrell, James McLachlan, Richard Livingston
217–221: (Encore): An Easter Primer
Jared Anderson, Zina Petersen, Kristine Haglund
216: Preserving and Strengthening Relationships During Faith Transitions
Charles Harrell, James McLachlan, Richard Livingston
215: Mormonism’s Modesty and Sexuality Discourse
Natasha Helfer Parker, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
213–214: The Book of Abraham as Scripture
Brian Hauglid, David Bokovoy, Charley Harrell
212: A Fresh Look at Mitt Romney
McKay Coppins, John Hatch
211: Genesis, Part 4: Abraham
David Bokovoy, Tom Roberts, Brian Hauglid
210: Genesis, Part 3: Cursing of Canaan and the Tower of Babel
David Bokovoy, Tom Roberts, Brian Hauglid
209: New LDS Statement on Book of Mormon Translation
Katie Langston, John Hamer, John-Charles Duffy
208: Who Was/Is Jesus?
Eric Huntsman, Jared Anderson, Lindsay Hansen Park
207: Teaching the Old Testament to Latter-day Saints
Jana Riess, Philip Barlow, Carrie Miles
206: At Peace with Human Prophets—Personal Journeys
Joanna Brooks, Ronda Callister
204–205: The New Statement on Race and the Priesthood
Gina Colvin, Margaret Blair Young, Janan Graham
202–203: Genesis, Part 2: The Flood
David Bokovoy, Tom Roberts, Brian Hauglid
201: Good Shepherds
Loree (last name withheld), Brian Dillman, Brian Kissell, Katie Langston
200: Let’s Collaborate!
Dan Wotherspoon
199: Untangling Faith, Belief, and the Expectation to “Know”
Frances Lee Menlove, D. Jeff Burton
198: Engaging Mormonism from Outside the Fold
Bridget McGregor, Karrie Higgins, Les Gripkey, Bryony Leech
194–197: Genesis, Part 1: Creation, Garden, Expulsion, Cursing
David Bokovoy, Tom Roberts
193: Ordain Women and Renewed Conversations about Priesthood
April Young Bennett, Danielle Mooney, Kristine Haglund
192: The Hero’s Journey
Carol Lynn Pearson, David A. Stacey
190–191: The Institutional Church and the Individual
J. Bonner Ritchie, Katie Langston, Bill Hansen
188–189: Hugh Nibley—Part 3: Prophet of Zion
Boyd Jay Petersen, Charles Randall Paul, Russell Arben Fox
186–187: Hugh Nibley—Part 2: Scholar and Defender of the Faith
Boyd Jay Petersen, Brian Hauglid, Kevin Barney
184–185: Hugh Nibley—Part 1: A Fascinating Life
Boyd Jay Petersen, Alex Nibley
182–183: Is Mormonism’s God Worthy of Worship?
Dennis Potter, James McLachlan
181: Grieving (and Can We Do It Better?)
Jana Riess, Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen, Cindy Jones, Connie Ericksen
180: Mormon Missions Take to Facebook
Emilee Cluff, Derrick Clements, Stephen Carter
178–179: Tolerance
Charles Randall Paul, James McLachlan, Michael Fife
176–177: The Adam-God Doctrine: What? When? Still?
Danielle Mooney, Brian Stuy, Geoff Nelson
174–175: The Chaplains on Suffering
Phil McLemore, Nathan Kline, Jason Unsworth
172–173: Proactive LDS Parenting
Brent Beal, Paul Barker, Aimee Heffernan
170–171: Toward Expanding and Improving LDS Discourse about Sexuality
Natasha Helfer Parker, Margaret Blair Young, Micah Nickolaisen, Lisa Butterworth
166–169: The Couplet (and Teachings about Theosis) in Today’s Mormonism
Danielle Mooney, Charles Harrell, Tom Roberts
165: Mormon Women Sharing Their Lives
Claudia L. Bushman, Caroline Kline
164: New Version of the LDS Scriptures
Gina Colvin, Charley Harrell, Ben Park
159–163: An Easter Primer
Jared Anderson, Zina Petersen, Kristine Haglund
157–158: C.S. Lewis and Mormonism
Mahonri Stewart, Blair Hodges, Katie Langston
155–156: LDS Military Chaplains
Phil McLemore, Nathan Kline, Jason Unsworth
153–154: Integrity with Self and Family: Parents on Sharing Their Faith Transitions with Their Children
Carey, Jeff, Gail
151–152: Short Takes: Adventures in Spirit
Phyllis Barber, Bill Hansen, Dallas Robbins, Chelsea Shields-Strayer
149–150: Near-Death Experiences
Jeff Olsen, Tom Haws, Lisa Tensmeyer Hanse
147–148: LDS and Pacific Islander Layers of the Manti Teo Saga
Anapesi Ka’ili, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Stephen Carter
146: Relationships First: Mormon Parents Face a Child’s Faith Transition
Jeralee, Jim, Teri
145–146: The Kingdom of God is Within You—Believing It, Trusting It, Accessing It
Phil McLemore, Nathan Kline
142–143: Process Theology and Mormonism
James McLachlan, David Grandy
140–141: (Encore) A Christmas Primer: Exploring the Nativity in Scripture, Legend, History, and Hearts
Jared Anderson, Zina Petersen, Kristine Haglund
139: A Beautiful Vision of Mormonism
Fiona Givens, Joanna Brooks, Jana Riess
137–138: Science and Religion
Matthew Nokleby, Steven Peck
135–136: Racism and the Book of Mormon
Brian Dalton, Charles Harrell
133–134: LDS Spiritual Supplementing
Doe Daughtrey, Patrick McCleary, Katie Langston
131–132: The Word of Wisdom
Jared Anderson, Kenton Karrasch, Les Gripkey
129–130: New Missionary Age
Adam Jacobsen, Hannah Wheelwright, Maxine Hanks
128: The One True Church
Charles Randall Paul, Kristine Haglund
127: Grace
John Morehead, Katie Langston, Joseph Spencer
125–126: Mormonism and Politics: Historical Perspectives
Ben Park, Matthew Bowman, Patrick Mason
123–124: Emergence Christianity and Mormonism
Jana Riess, Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, H. Parker Blount, Katie Langston
122: Challenges in Making the Church “Work” for Everyone
James Smithson, Sylvia Cabus, Ken Driggs
119–121: The Problem of Evil and Suffering
Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, James McLachlan, Loyd Ericson
117–118: Truth in Revelation and Scripture
Charles Harrell, Wade Greenwood, Eric Samuelsen
114–116: Brazilian Mormonism
Antonio Trevisan, Marcello Jun de Oliveira, Rolf Straubhaaro Brazilian
113: Mormonism and Environmentalism
George Handley, Rachel Whipple, Craig Galli
112: Imagining New Ways to Think and Teach about Mormon Pioneers
Joanna Brooks, Gina Colvin, Joseph Johnstun, Shalisse Johnstun
111: Healthy Approaches to Supporting LGBT Latter-day Saints and Family Members
Mitch Mayne, Caitlin Ryan
110: Abuse and the Forgiveness Dilemma
Natasha Helfer Parker, Tresa Brown Edmunds
107–109: LDS Salvation Theology and Practices
Jared Anderson, Chelsea Shields-Strayer, Danielle Mooney
105–107: Mormon Doctrine and Other “Fuzzy” Things
Gina Colvin, Charles Harrell, Chris Cobb
104: Growing Up Mormon and Fearless
Kristine Haglund, Jordan Kimball, Katie Davis Henderson
102–103: Pragmatism, William James, and Mormon Sensibilities
Jared Anderson, Charles Randall Paul, Chris Naegle
100–101: Mormon Missions
Derrick Clements, “T.K.,” Rory Swensen
98–99: “Middle Way” Mormonism and Women
Chelsea Robarge Fife (moderator), Claudia Bushman, Jana Riess, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
96–97: Mormonism and Its History—Past, Present, and Future
Ben Park, Matthew Bowman, Ron Barney
94–95: Suicide
Natasha Helfer Parker, Charn Burton, Nicholas Maughn
92–93: Can Mormon Theology Affirm Homosexual Relationships Now and in the Eternities?
Taylor Petrey, Kristine Haglund
91: Cleanflix and What Its Story Reveals about Mormon Culture
Joshua Ligairi, Andrew James, Richard Dutcher, Brent Beal
89–90: Latter-day Saint Mid-Singles Experience
Lauren Johnson, Garred Lentz, Jenny Morrow
87–88: Pacific Island Mormon Identities
Gina Colvin, Anapesi Ka’ili, Luana Uluave, Joanna Brooks
85–86: “Middle Way” Mormonism
Scott Holley (moderator), Jared Anderson, Andrew Ainsworth, Dan Wotherspoon
83–84: Creating Spaces for Traditional Latter-day Saints
Meredith Lesuer, Ronda Callister, Kevin Elkington
81–82: Mormonism and Transhumanism
Tyson Jacobsen, Lincoln Cannon, Christopher Bradford
79–80: How Can We Truly Confront Racism within Mormon Thought and Culture
Marguerite Driessen, Gina Colvin, Brad Kramer
77–78: Recognizing the Spirit
Kristine Haglund, Scott Holley, Michael Ferguson
75–76: Communicating About the Temple
Jana Riess, Jared Anderson, Charles Randall Paul, Jennifer Rooney White
74: Writing Mormon Lives
Phyllis Barber, Joanna Brooks
73: “And the Survey Says!”: Reflections on Mormon Disaffection, Marlin Jensen’s Remarks, Recent Articles on Mormonism’s Challenge in Better Facing Its History
Joanna Brooks, Philip Barlow, Scott Holley
72: Effecting Change in the Church
Chelsea Robarge Fife, Chelsea Shields-Strayer, Carol Lynn Pearson
71: Make Love AND War!: Maintaining Positive Relationships During Faith Transitions—A Spiritual Framing
Dan Wotherspoon
70: Is the World Getting Worse?
Natasha Helfer Parker, Marybeth Raynes, James McLachlan
69: Patriarchal Blessings
Richard Bushman, Jared Anderson
67–68: The Happiness Puzzle
Jared Anderson, Greg Rockwell, KC Kern
66: Spiritual Secrets of Addiction Recovery
“Keith,” “John,” “Bill”
65: LDS Views on Christ’s Second Coming and the End Times
Jared Anderson, Charles Randall Paul, Kenton Karrasch
64: Mormons and Prayer
Joanna Brooks, Tresa Edmunds, Jacob Baker
63: Oh Say, What is Truth?
Joanna Brooks, Dennis Potter, Rhett Tenney
62: A Christmas Primer: Exploring the Nativity in Scripture, Legend, History, and Hearts
Jared Anderson, Zina Petersen, Kristine Haglund
61: Mormon Views on Satan and the Origins of Evil
Boyd Petersen, Charles Randall Paul, Chelsea Shields-Strayer
60: Matters of Integrity
Joanna Brooks, Brian Johnston, Jeff Green
59: Mormon Messages about Priesthood, Fatherhood, Patriarchy, and More
Scott Heffernan, Stephen Carter, Adam Jacobsen
58: Obedience and Agency
Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, Chelsea Fife, Michael Fife
57: LDS Young Single Adult Experiences Revisited
Kayela Seegmiller, Derrick Clements, Megan Sanborn Jones
56: Mormonism and Wealth
Joanna Brooks, Todd Decker, Jason Brown
55: Cult Claims and the Media
Joanna Brooks, McKay Coppins, Morris Thurston
54: The Atonement in Mormon Thought and Experience
Jared Anderson, Brian Johnston, Tresa Edmunds
53: Mormonism and Capital Punishment
Ken Driggs, Heather Olsen-Beal, Tom Grover
52: Rebirth of the Student Review
Craig Mangum, Bill Kelly, Joanna Brooks, Matt Workman
51: The Dynamics of Guilt and Shame
Jennifer Rooney White, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, John Dehlin
50: The Call to Be Peacemakers
Charles Randall Paul, Liz Shropshire, James Faulconer
49: Mormonism’s Messages about Motherhood
Chelsea Fife, Chelsea Shields-Strayer, Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
48: Mormonism and Evolution
James McLachlan, Duane Jeffery, Steven Peck
47: When Worldviews Go Haywire: Breivik, Jeffs, and the Religion-Mental Health Matrix
Joanna Brooks, Natasha Helfer Parker
46: In Memoriam—Sister Chieko Okazaki and Elder Marion D. Hanks
Aileen Clyde, Darius Gray, Margaret Blair Young
45: The Mormon Practice of Bearing Testimony
Brent Beal, Brian Johnston, Jana Riess
44: A Vital Legacy of Independent Mormon Thought: Dialogue and Sunstone
Joanna Brooks, Kristine Haglund, Stephen Carter
43: Healthy Approaches to Teaching Modesty
Heather Olsen Beal, Chelsea Fife, Erin Hill
42: Pros and Cons of Keeping Mormonism “Weird”
Joanna Brooks, Todd Decker, Scott Heffernan
40–41: Ritual Within Mormonism
Julia Hunter, Chelsea Strayer, Chelsea Fife
39: Intellectuals and the Mormon Tradition
Joanna Brooks, Kristine Haglund, Boyd Petersen
38: Illegal Immigration and Mormonism
Brent Beal, Ben Daniel, Mark Alvarez
37: Why Are Mormons Seen As “Dangerous” by Some Evangelical Christians?
Joanna Brooks, Jana Riess, John Morehead
35–36: Moving Beyond the “Negro Doctrine”
Dustin Jones (moderator), Keith N. Hamilton, Darron Smith, Marguerite Driessen
34: Self-Identifying as “Mormon”
Joanna Brooks, Jared Anderson, Blair Hodges
33: The LDS Church and Its Single Young Adults, Part 2
Natasha Helfer Parker, Kayla Woodring
32: Heavenly Mother in Today’s Mormonism
Martin Pulido, Tresa Edmunds, Joanna Brooks
31: The LDS Church and Its Young Single Adults
Joanna Brooks, Tresa Edmunds, Jared Anderson
30: Mormon Women and Equality
Kristine Haglund, Jana Riess, Joanna Brooks
29: David Brooks, the Book of Mormon Musical, and Rigorous Religion
Joanna Brooks, John Dehlin, Brian Johnston
28: Racism in Honor Code Enforcement for BYU Athletes
Darron Smith, Joanna Brooks
27: Mormons and Their Leaders
Joanna Brooks, Heather Olsen Beal, Charles Randall Paul
25–26: Theologies of Nature: Mormon Resources for Thinking about Natural Disasters
George Handley, Duane Jeffery, Joanna Brooks
24: Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Glenn Beck, and the 2012 Election
Joanna Brooks, Jenny Nettesheim, Jennifer Liddell
23: The King James Version and Changes to Race-Related Book of Mormon Chapter Headings
Kristine Haglund, Dallas Robbins, Philip Barlow
22: The Suspension of BYU Basketball Player Brandon Jennings and the BYU Honor Code
Joanna Brooks, Tom Grover, Ashley Sanders
21: Sex and Immigration
Joanna Brooks, Heather Olson Beal, John Dehlin


The episodes above reflect the time Dan Wotherspoon became the primary host of Mormon Matters Podcast.