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Mormon Matters is a weekly podcast that explores various topics within Mormonism, ranging from the latest news within the Mormon world, current events in the wider culture that would be good to explore from Mormon angles, or general theological or historical topics that deserve deep dives. The podcast is hosted by Dan Wotherspoon, Ph.D., a past editor of Sunstone magazine and popular speaker and contributor to online discussions about today’s Mormonism. He is joined each week by one or more incredibly smart, insightful, and dynamic panelists. Something great usually results.

Prior to this website shifting to a focus on the Mormon Matters podcast, it had its origins as a large group blog about Mormon topics, and these discussions can still be found in this site’s history. See the button directing you to the blog. Although there have been no new postings since 2011, many of those older posts have been found through web searches, resulting in comment threads once more enjoying fresh voices and conversation.

To provide feedback about any of the podcasts, suggest topics or guests for future Mormon Matters episodes, or if you have any questions about this site and Mormon Matters episodes or events, please contact Dan Wotherspoon at mormonmatters@gmail.com.


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  1. Dan, I just want you to know that the Church Handbook podcasts are responsible for my being able to find a way forward this week. I just donated because I want this to continue to be a place for intelligent dialogue. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

    1. Carol, I am so pleased that these episodes have been helpful to you. They were godsends to me, too, helping me sort through things, re-gaining perspective. Such a tough time.

      I really appreciate you writing, and for the wonderful donation. What a boost! Thank you!!!

  2. Dan, I have listened to several interviews over the las few months. I understand you stay in the church. I still do not understand what the church means to you and others that have chosen to stay? Does God lead the church or is it an organization as you regularly refer to as? I sum up my departure by saying; I can see the good in the church, but I cannot see the divine. Do you see the divine in the LDS church? If so where?

  3. I’ve been listening to these podcasts since returning from my mission. They both challenge and promote my faith. They have helped me through difficult paradigm shifts, but have also induced new and painful ones. Either way I am grateful for the way in which they help me critically engage with current church issues, challenge what is given to me but still hold on to my believe in the divine (even if sometimes only by my fingertips).

    They only problem I have is knowing how and when to share my new paradigms with those I love. I often feel that they are not worth mentioning, but at other times I feel that they distance me from others in a way.

    Any thoughts?

    (Oh and Dan seems like literally the nicest guy. I would love to just have a chat with him about life.)

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