398–399: Staying Actively Engaged in Mormonism

This two-part episode is a co-release with the Mormon Stories Podcast. It is a discussion that took place on 29 June 2017 in front of a live internet audience featuring John and Margi Dehlin interviewing (and conveying audience comments and questions for) Jeralee Renshaw, Mark Crego, and Mormon Matters host Dan Wotherspoon. Jeralee, Mark, and Dan are three of the moderators of the Facebook group, “A Thoughtful Faith Support Group” as well actively engaged members of the LDS Church. The interactions between the panel, hosts, and audience range from subjects such as “How is it you have managed to stay actively (and happily) engaged with Mormonism while knowing what you know of the issues and complexities that trouble so many people?”, to questions about the Facebook group and interactions there, to assessments of whether or not it is more or less difficult to remain engaged as a Mormon with nuanced views at this time than in the past, and much more!



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