325: Addiction and Recovery Series—Part 2: Effects on an Addict’s Family

This episode contains a hopeful story, though one difficult to hear in all of its details. Ultimately the marriage of Christian and Kelle Smith has survived the horrible ordeal of Christian’s addictions to pain medication, and eventually to other drugs and methods he used to escape paralyzing anxieties. And, in many ways, their marriage is much stronger and far healthier than it was before things got really bad. But it is still, six years-plus into Christian’s sobriety, very much a work in progress. It is a privilege to listen in as they share their stories and wrestlings, and we wish them continued healing and trust. We can all learn so much from them about addiction, about ways to watch that we are not enabling the addicts in our lives to continue in their self-defeating behaviors, about discovering self-worth, about what makes genuine relationships (with spouse, children, extended family, and more), and most especially about the spirituality and strength that can come from fearless honesty and finding and accepting God’s and others’ love.

I am grateful to be joined again by my co-host in this multi-episode series on addiction and recovery, Bill Turnbull.

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President James E. Faust, “The Power to Change,” Ensign (November 2007)

Inspire Addiction Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book), online edition

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (paperback)




2 comments for “325: Addiction and Recovery Series—Part 2: Effects on an Addict’s Family

  1. Brian Hanson
    May 4, 2016 at 12:23 am

    Dan, when I first listened to this episode I questioned some comments about addiction taking away or over riding our agency. I thought that doesn’t sound like a correct principle, since we are taught this is a major reason we chose an earthly path. Thank you for adding the link to President Faust talk. I thought others members like me who are blessed not to have such an intimate knowledge of addiction may also benefit from the second and third witness. I will look at other member and non-members who struggle with more compassion and understanding.

    O That Cunning Plan of the Evil One
    M. Russell Ballard

    “Researchers tell us there is a mechanism in our brain called the pleasure center.2 When activated by certain drugs or behaviors, it overpowers the part of our brain that governs our willpower, judgment, logic, and morality. This leads the addict to abandon what he or she knows is right. And when that happens, the hook is set and Lucifer takes control.”

    Addiction or Freedom
    Russell M. Nelson

    “We are free to take drugs or not. But once we choose to use a habit-forming drug, we are bound to the consequences of that choice. Addiction surrenders later freedom to choose. Through chemical means, one can literally become disconnected from his or her own will!”

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